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A Rustic Spring Wedding

Friday, August 5th, 2016
Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Hillary and Sean’s Rustic Spring Wedding, May 2016

The odds of meeting this couple on a normal basis are pretty insurmountable, since they live in Pittsburgh, PA. I actually spoke with Hillary at great length before she contracted me. Hillary and Sean, gave me the opportunity to work in a new area with new vendors and that is something I really enjoy, is meeting vendors outside of the Lehigh Valley. I really enjoyed being able to assist them with their Rustic Spring Wedding.

How rustic was it? Cell phone service didn’t exist out there. Communication was by Walkie Talkies, which made things a lot of fun, with the bridal party calling each other by their “handles” (code names) and when the groomsmen found out mine (from my CB days), they really went crazy.  It’s the “Black Widow”. LOL. Anyway, here is Hillary and Sean’s Story!

Their Story

Hillary and Sean met in 2009 at George Washington University where they both attended college. They both worked together and after a bit, Hillary decided she wanted to pursue a friendship with Sean. One thing you need to know about Hillary and Sean is that Hillary is the talkative, outgoing one and Sean is the quiet, laid back one and they balance each other out, quite well. Up to this point, they continued their friendship while attending school, but they did not date. Upon graduation, her girlfriend Melissa, decided to have a going away party for her, (she was moving to Oklahoma to work for AmeriCorps for a year). What she didn’t know was that her girlfriend, invited Sean to the party. This is where they really started to click. unfortunately, they lost touch for 6 months or thereabouts. Sean got in touch with Hillary on Facebook, to just touch bases and they began to chat back and forth. Hillary planned on returning to Washington, DC after completing her service with AmeriCorps and they decided to meet up, upon her return.

Their First Date

Their first date, if you could call it that, was at 51st State, a bar that served $0.20 wings during happy hour. She loved wings, Sean loves wings, so it worked. Much time was spent talking that night, and they planned to hang out more regularly. In the last 4 ½ years, they became best friends, partners in crime, and each others most devoted supporter.

What a Trooper her family was

This rustic spring wedding, had a slight damper put on it. Hillary experienced a great loss. Her grandmother, who she was very close to, passed away weeks before her wedding. That life changing event, had a profound effect on her that day and put a slight damper on it for both her and her mother. It was a shame that it happened, but she was a trooper through it all.

Other than the family loss, the only downside to the entire day, was that it rained off and on and prohibited them from doing their ceremony outside (which would have been beautiful because of its natural beauty)! The best part was when the rain finally stopped, and sunshine came out and they were able to at least get outdoor pictures.  Yay!

Players who contributed to making this a phenomenal Rustic Spring Wedding:

Our Bride looked stunning and her Makeup was was provided by KSJ Artistry. The wedding and reception were held at The Pump House B & B in Bloomsburg, in an old barn. The gorgeous Florals were provided by Gibs Farm and Rentals were provided by Forget Me Not Vintage Rentals. They decided to have a BBQ reception which fit both them and their personalities. She is spicy and he is mild and their first date included wings, what more can you want! The Reception was catered by Fred E’s Catering and the Cutting Cake and Cupcakes were provided by Nannycakes Bakery. The Musical Entertainment was provided by the Left Edge Band and really kept the party hopping, which helped the guests stay warm, even though it was a little chilly that evening! The Photography was done by the Brides Father’s company, Ed Bundy Photography and shot by both her father and Carla.

Hillary’s final comments about the day:

My flowers were beautiful, my best friends were there, and everything went off without a hitch, despite the rainy weather. I got to marry my best friend and partner, and as I say to him, I am going to keep him forever. I worked really hard on this big party that went by in a blur. I am grateful to all our vendors who helped make the day a success. I am grateful to our friends and family who traveled from far and wide and who helped in many ways big and small. Most of all, I am grateful to Sean for being my person, and for not letting my memories of grief and sadness completely color my memories of our wedding. What a beautiful, rustic spring wedding it was!

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography

Rustic Spring Wedding

Ed Bundy Photography






Consider having an Unplugged Wedding in the Lehigh Valley

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

Why have an Unplugged Wedding

An Unplugged Wedding is the way to go. Cell Phone Technology, has been a good thing, but it certainly has its negative side too, even in the Wedding Industry. Having an Unplugged Wedding is the best thing a couple can do for their wedding day. At an unplugged wedding, guests are not allowed to use their phones for photography.

Reasons why your wedding should be UnPlugged…I see it all too often, guests take out their cell phone to get a picture of a “big moment”, only to block the picture that the “professional photographer” is taking. The couple is about to cut the cake, and the guest jumps in between the couple and the professional to take a shot!  The disappointing part is guests at a table, staring at their cell phones, instead of paying attention to what is going on around them. They should be enjoying the couple’s first dance, cutting of the cake or even the parent’s dance!

What about the couple doing their first look or well-meaning bridal attendants feeling compelled to put pictures on social media, before the bride and groom are even married. One of my present clients voiced this concern “A friend of mine asked everyone to put their phones away during the ceremony, so guests would not block the photographers’ shots.”.

It’s much better to let the pros get that really good shot and to share it with friends and family, than to end up with a bunch of poor shots.  The best way to enjoy a wedding is to enjoy it and then enjoy the pro’s images afterward.

Ways to UnPlug Your Wedding

  1. Inform your attendants, if they are there for the first look, or if they take pictures to please not post until after the ceremony!
  2. Put a note in your bulletin, asking everyone to turn off the ringers on their phone and to refrain from taking pictures at the wedding.
  3. Put a note in your bulletin to refrain from taking pictures with a flash.
  4. Ask your officiant to make an announcement to guests that they are to enjoy themselves and not take pictures.
  5. Put cards on the reception tables asking guests to please make sure they are not restricting the photographer from doing his job.
  6. OffBeat Bride has some ways, to word what you want to say. They even suggest having someone from the bridal party enforce the no cell phone pictures and how to approach it.

Wedding Season Began Early in 2016!

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

Meghan and Philips January Wedding

Wedding Season began early for me this year at an Iacocca Hall Wedding, January 2nd.  The mother of the bride, Tracy, contacted me about 3-4 weeks before the wedding for my Day Of Coordination Package!  I had a lot to do and a short time to do it in, but hey, that’s why they hired me!  What made it easy were the vendors I had the privilege of working with!  In the Lehigh Valley, we have some of the “BEST” Wedding Vendors in their fields, but enough about that and back to my couple!

Meghan and Philip met and dated in High School.  Unfortunately, as happens in high school, they broke up.  They were apart for about 6 1/2 years but were always in close touch with one another!  When they got back together, they realized it was love and 2 years later decided to make it permanent.

The day started out on the cool side, after an unseasonably warm week. The day began with the bride Meghan, her mom and sister started the day out at Clementines Salon for hair and makeup.  The photographer Marissa and her assistant Tracey were phenomenal!  I really enjoyed how they took pictures through prisms of a Moravian Star, the effects were really cool.  They used many styles of photography, I have never seen a photographer use before, so that was really fascinating.  We then proceeded to St. Josephs in Limeport.  It was a rural country church and Father Buckley was a great host.  What was really neat, was the Christmas tree that held ornaments, the kids had made for years were on it.   My bride’s family had their ornament hanging in the tree, which made the day even more special.









The photos after the ceremony, were at Lehigh University. at the Lookout and Iacocca Hall.  I am so glad that the light and the weather held out that they were able to get pictures taken out doors!




The Reception was gorgeous, being held at Iacocca Hall, at the top of the mountain where Lehigh University sits.  The views on this evening were magnificent from the venue, you can see for miles on a clear night. Bethlehem, Allentown and even Easton were visible!  One of the most magnificent views I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot.







Special moments of the reception, were the bride dancing with her grandfather, the groom and his friends dressed up as Kiss band members, a fabulous DJ (Wes from Wesley Works), who really kept the party jumping and phenomenal florist (Sara from Allium Floral Designs) who had the venue looking gorgeous with all the lit candles.  This really gave the venue a beautiful intimate atmosphere, to the reception.





One of the coolest things about this wedding, was the Stepfather of the Groom, was a childhood friend of mine. The wedding allowed us to catch up with each others lives, when I had a quiet moment during the evening.  

What a beautiful Winter Wedding Day it was!

Professionals Included:

Venue: Iacocca Hall, Lehigh University

Florist: Allium Floral Design

Photographer: Marissa Joy Photgraphy

DJ: Wesley Works

Officiant, Father Buckley – St. Josephs Church, Coopersburg

Hair/Makeup: Clementines Salon

Transportation: J&J Limousine

Rentals: Action Party Rentals







12513842_975797402486651_3737292290164663958_o-1024x683 Meghan_Phil_Wedding_MJP_001



























































Lehigh Valley Wedding Planning – Easy Guide to Seating Guests

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015
Wedding Ceremony at Lockridge Park Photography by Magi Kernan -

Wedding Ceremony at Lockridge Park
Photography by Magi Kernan –

Easy Guide to Seating Guests

The seating of wedding guests has long been done by the Ushers, but has changed over the years to Ushers now being called Groomsmen and Groomsmen are now doing the ushering of guests into the ceremony.

You can have two separate groups of guys, Ushers (who seat the guests) Groomsmen, who attend the Groom or just Ushers/Groomsmen, who do both.

Below is a list of duties, for the seating of guests and way to do so.

Groomsmen/Usher duties involve giving directions, helping guests, and escorting guests to their seats. Groomsman/Ushers should arrive at the ceremony site, 45 minutes before the ceremony.

The First row on each side is normally reserved for bridal party to sit during the ceremony, or the parents and immediate family. The second, third and fourth rows are for special family members and the planner or the couple should have a list for the groomsmen to use, for that seating. Otherwise, you may have lots of empty rows in the front of the church. It’s also a good idea, if you don’t have a wedding planner/coordinator, assign one of the Groomsman/Ushers to be in charge and instruct the rest.

When seating guests, groomsmen/ushers will be in one or two rows. One on left side of aisle, one on right side of aisle, in the event there are a number of groomsman in the bridal party or one row on, either left or right side of aisle.

Mother of the bride being escorted in by Usher - Photography by Ed Krisiak - Steel City Photography -

Mother of the bride being escorted in by Usher –
Photography by Ed Krisiak – Steel City Photography –

In the event of a “BRIDE” AND “GROOM SIDE

When guests arrive if there is a “Bride Side” and “Groom Side”, groomsmen ask guests as they approach, which side they would like to be seated on? If the guest wants to be seated on “Bride” side, Groomsman, will offer his right arm to her, the same happens to groom’s side. Male guests follow the usher. When taking guests to seat, Groomsman/Usher should ask the guest to “follow me” or “this way please”.

Seating Sign - Photography by Jill Nobles -

Seating Sign – Photography by Jill Nobles –

If you have Intermingled Seating (Try to keep each side equal in people)

When guests arrive, groomsmen offer their right arm to the women and the man follows behind. Do not ask “Bride or Groom side”

Mother of the Groom being escorted in by Son Photography by Magi Kernan -

Mother of the Groom being escorted in by Son
Photography by Magi Kernan –

In the event a group wants to sit together, the oldest woman in the group, is the one escorted. All others follow behind.

If a man comes alone, groomsman should ask the guest to follow them and then escorts them to their seat.


Let’s Talk Wedding Programs!

Friday, January 16th, 2015

For as long as I have been in business, I have seen more programs than you can imagine. I think the one that really sticks out in my memory and being the most ingenious way to do a program, was my wedding in December.

My client was really into reading and literacy! Her whole theme revolved around reading. It was a newspaper! It explained the ceremony (Greek Orthodox) and traditions that are followed. It contained information on her bridal party and information about her and her husband and how their relationship evolved. Her newspaper is below.


It was so cool, I decided to look into a few other alternative forms of wedding programs. One of the best places to find really neat and unique ideas for weddings is Etsy.

The first I found was By DesignsbyTenisha. She has designed a cootie catcher. I used to play with these things as a kid and it is adorable how she took this idea and adapted it to weddings. On the flaps, it can contain:

Seating of parents and grandparents
Welcome and prayer
Giving of the bride
Scripture reading
Exchange of vows
Exchange of rings
Pronouncement of marriage

Cootie Catcher program

The next one I found was by AnnaLouAvenue, it’s a great idea. Rolled scroll, ceremony program on Kraft paper. If you are having a rustic feeling wedding, these would work well.

scroll program

Here is another great one. This is by OneChelleofAMug, it is a personalized wedding fan, with the couples picture on it! Not only do you get to keep yourself cool, but you have all the pertinent information, such as Family, Wedding party, Ceremony, etc. at your finger tips!


These are just some of the highlights of my research, and the different options you have open to you.  If I were to put all I have found, you would be reading for weeks! I hope you enjoy these ideas and if so, feel free to give feedback with any other ideas you may have.