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Wedding Season Began Early in 2016!

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

Meghan and Philips January Wedding

Wedding Season began early for me this year at an Iacocca Hall Wedding, January 2nd.  The mother of the bride, Tracy, contacted me about 3-4 weeks before the wedding for my Day Of Coordination Package!  I had a lot to do and a short time to do it in, but hey, that’s why they hired me!  What made it easy were the vendors I had the privilege of working with!  In the Lehigh Valley, we have some of the “BEST” Wedding Vendors in their fields, but enough about that and back to my couple!

Meghan and Philip met and dated in High School.  Unfortunately, as happens in high school, they broke up.  They were apart for about 6 1/2 years but were always in close touch with one another!  When they got back together, they realized it was love and 2 years later decided to make it permanent.

The day started out on the cool side, after an unseasonably warm week. The day began with the bride Meghan, her mom and sister started the day out at Clementines Salon for hair and makeup.  The photographer Marissa and her assistant Tracey were phenomenal!  I really enjoyed how they took pictures through prisms of a Moravian Star, the effects were really cool.  They used many styles of photography, I have never seen a photographer use before, so that was really fascinating.  We then proceeded to St. Josephs in Limeport.  It was a rural country church and Father Buckley was a great host.  What was really neat, was the Christmas tree that held ornaments, the kids had made for years were on it.   My bride’s family had their ornament hanging in the tree, which made the day even more special.









The photos after the ceremony, were at Lehigh University. at the Lookout and Iacocca Hall.  I am so glad that the light and the weather held out that they were able to get pictures taken out doors!




The Reception was gorgeous, being held at Iacocca Hall, at the top of the mountain where Lehigh University sits.  The views on this evening were magnificent from the venue, you can see for miles on a clear night. Bethlehem, Allentown and even Easton were visible!  One of the most magnificent views I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot.







Special moments of the reception, were the bride dancing with her grandfather, the groom and his friends dressed up as Kiss band members, a fabulous DJ (Wes from Wesley Works), who really kept the party jumping and phenomenal florist (Sara from Allium Floral Designs) who had the venue looking gorgeous with all the lit candles.  This really gave the venue a beautiful intimate atmosphere, to the reception.





One of the coolest things about this wedding, was the Stepfather of the Groom, was a childhood friend of mine. The wedding allowed us to catch up with each others lives, when I had a quiet moment during the evening.  

What a beautiful Winter Wedding Day it was!

Professionals Included:

Venue: Iacocca Hall, Lehigh University

Florist: Allium Floral Design

Photographer: Marissa Joy Photgraphy

DJ: Wesley Works

Officiant, Father Buckley – St. Josephs Church, Coopersburg

Hair/Makeup: Clementines Salon

Transportation: J&J Limousine

Rentals: Action Party Rentals







12513842_975797402486651_3737292290164663958_o-1024x683 Meghan_Phil_Wedding_MJP_001




























































Saturday, January 16th, 2016

I’ve been reading a lot about the Wedding Trends for 2016, and have seen some I wanted to share from a Wedding Planners perspective.

Female attendant’s dresses: I have noticed that attendants are wearing the same color, but different styles or different colors that are complimentary of one another, in the same dress. Personally, I love this idea! I am short and thick and not able to wear many of the styles available today. Having this option as a bridal attendant would give me the opportunity to wear a dress that is more figure flattering, than wearing something that really doesn’t look good and something I don’t like! There is nothing worse than feeling you look horrible in something you have to wear in a wedding.

Wedding Trends by An Affair to Remember by Sharon

Photography by Magi Kernan –

Accent Color or Theme: Maybe because of the richness, or classiness or that couples are going back to glam and bling, not sure, but I am seeing a lot of Gold being used as a complimentary accent color in reception décor.

Cakes: I am also seeing “Naked Cakes”. If you aren’t familiar with the term, its cakes without icing or with little icing and decorated with fruit, etc. When one of my brides first showed it to me, I was like, “Why do you want a cake without icing?” I didn’t understand, but when I thought about it later, I realized there have been times that I haven’t liked a particular bakers icing, because it was too sweet, and I end up scraping it off. Well, this way its already done for me!

Wedding Trends by An Affair to Remember by Sharon

Tablescapes: Through the years, wedding reception tables were rounds that seated 8 to 10 people. Today that has changed to Long Rectangle tables, with multiple tables put together. Two rectangle tables put together horizontally, etc. I see this continuing, as it seems to be catching on here in the Valley.

An Affair to Remember by Sharon Dickinson

An Affair to Remember by Sharon Dickinson

At this time, I thought it might be a great idea to have some of the Premier Wedding Vendors I have dealt with, contribute to this blog! I think you will enjoy hearing their perspective in their specific field of expertise.

Floral Wedding Trends

Jonathan Morrissey – Rich Mar Florals

Coming off a very successful 2015 wedding season and looking forward to 2016, what will be different and which trends will remain the same? The vineyard rustic wedding is not going away anytime soon, gold is the new silver and the all-white bridal bouquet is back to stay. The return of the all-white bouquet is a return of elegance and a formal look, while this may not suit everyone; it is truly a timeless look and a perfect accent to your lavish and dramatic dress. Rustic weddings will continue to be popular, our area and it’s venues lends itself to this look, some of the flowers are also even native to the Northeast part of the country. Baby’s breath is the leader in this particular trend, along with lush mixed foliage’s to accent the “field picked” look. Lastly gold has arrived! Silver was always the “go to” container color and now that trend will begin to change, our company just made an investment in new gold containers to cope with the coming trend. While these trends may not be for every bride, I urge all my brides, to be yourself and let your florals express your personality or style, each wedding is as unique as the bride herself.

Jon Athans Photography

Jon Athans Photography

An Affair to Remember by Sharon Dickinson

An Affair to Remember by Sharon Dickinson

Sara Petryk – Allium Designs

In my opinion we are moving away from a shabby chic vintage into more of an industrial vintage vibe. Think mixed metals, patina and texture vs. baby’s breath, mason jars and chippy white paint.

Color is finally coming back as well. While we saw lots of blush, mint and cream in the last few years….we are seeing a return to rich, vibrant hues-jewel tones, blues, purples, and pinks.

Less DIY. I think lots of brides have seen their friends and fellow brides go crazy for months on end crafting elaborate projects for their weddings-and they want no part of it. They want to be able to relax and enjoy their engagement and time leading up to their wedding. Many of my current couples still want unusual Pinterest worthy elements that personalize their wedding, but they are leaving it in the hands of florists and stylists to complete the projects.

Photography Wedding Trends

Armen Elliott – Armen Elliott Photography

Wedding photography is gradually shifting from an emphasis on detail shots like flowers, shoes, etc., to the more emotional, authentic moments of the day. This means the hottest trend is photojournalism for this year’s wedding couples. Photojournalistic images can sometimes feel more like lifestyle photo sessions with more mood, intensity and spontaneity than traditional wedding photos. Couples are becoming less interested in showcasing “stuff” and more interested in capturing genuine interactions. Yes, we still like the cake and ring photos and must have the family posed photos, but spontaneous moments and relationships between couples, friends, and family members are now taking front and center stage.

Wedding photography over the past few years emphasized selective coloring, overly-saturated colors, lots of Photoshop manipulation and heavy vignetting. We also saw lots of vintage-style imagery with hazy, warm color overlays. Moving ahead we will see more edgy, photojournalistic, street-shooting styles emerging.

Of course, the best way to get the incredible photos you want – whatever your style – is to choose a photographer whose work you like and communicate your preferences to her months before your wedding day.

Ed Krisiak –Steel City Photography

As a photographer it is exciting to see all of the technology changes in equipment and see wedding photography move into a documentary and art format.

Drone Wedding Photography. The FAA expect that over 1 million drones were sold over the 2015 holiday season. I expect many photographers and videographers will be adding the use of drones in their wedding business in the Lehigh Valley.  I expect this to be big, there is no way I will be adding drone wedding photography. In order to do drone photography legally, two people are required by the FAA  for operation and you need a special license. Of course the amount of liability insurance will be extensive. In my opinion, it is not worth the risk.

An Affair to Remember by Sharon Dickinson

An Affair to Remember by Sharon Dickinson

Instagram Hash Tags. Facebook is becoming more unpopular with younger couples and Instagram is taking it place. DIY and Etsy wedding signs are appearing at the bar and wedding venue entrance with Instagram Hash Tags. I love this idea and it a great way for the couple to find all of their guest wedding images from the day.

Back-lit Images.  The use back-lighting adds a drama and interest to an image. This look can be achieved by natural light or flash. It provides an image a romantic feeling. The light is often soft and it creates a dreamy look.

Reception Lighting.  Off Camera flash creates dimensions and a provides a cinematic look to an image.

Individual pictures of each member of the  the Wedding Party. This has been done in the past and the new trend is to do a formal image and then a playful image. It makes a nice design for wedding albums and the individual have fun.

Father Daughter First Look. We are getting more requests for this and find it to be an emotional moment between the Bride and her father.

The First Look. The first look is alive and well and going strong. Some of the best reactions come from the first look and it is great to do if you do not mind going against tradition.

Décor Wedding Trends

John Phillips – MCR Productions

Chandeliers: Indoors and outdoors are seeing a big trend towards dressing the ceiling and nothing is standing out more than chandeliers. Chandeliers set the tone for mood lighting, establishing a classy setting, and bringing a distinguished atmosphere to any event.

Photography by An Affair to Remember by Sharon Dickinson, Chandelier by MCR Productions

Photography by An Affair to Remember by Sharon Dickinson, Chandelier by MCR Productions

Linens: Dressing a table is like dressing a woman, you can keep it simple or go for the Neiman Marcus of linens. Table linens are a hot item for all occasions and setting the tone of your color palate and theme for the wedding.

Dance Floors: This has become the latest item for presentation on events. From white floors, to Starlight floors, LED floors, checked floors, this is the latest decor and design aspect to completely enhance events.


Lisa Stoudt – Bakery Wedding Trends – Candy & Confections by Lisa Stoudt
I think textures will play a larger part in the tool box of my cake design vocabulary. I also believe a lot of elements from haute couture and what has been seen on the runways in NY will be a strong influence in my designs. Another avenue I will pursue is color from contrasting to complementary in different pallets, these will influence the suggestions I give my brides this year.

An Affair to Remember by Sharon Dickinson

An Affair to Remember by Sharon Dickinson

Makeup Artist

Alisha Becker – Makeup Artistry by Alisha Nycole

Wedding Styling & Bridal Beauty Trends are an ever evolving platform. I am in the lucky position where I get to see and help create these trends each season before they hit the stores and bridal boutiques. Each year our team is invited to Bridal Fashion Week in NY backstage to create the looks for the runway shows! We love to share some of that insight and report the trends you will see this year for Bridal in 2016.

“All a rosy glow”!

Michael McNett Photography

Michael McNett Photography

Natural, ethereal, and organic are some key words I’d use to describe the inspiration. Think spring time! Hues that give ode to fresh flowers, rich green, rose golds.

For lips, these “just bitten” hues of pink, berry and English rose are the perfect amount of color for brides. Enhancing the lip’s natural tone and look giving that flush, healthy kissable look! Paired with the “just bitten” lips were these champagne toned bright eyes with subtle shine a pop of diffused plum liner. A dash of color can still be considered neutral but really make the color of your eye stand out! Plum is a great option because it looks great on everyone!

We also saw ton of buns! Ballerina inspired high buns, chignons, French twists, even soft braids infused with dainty floral arrangements in the hair. The hair design was effortless, slightly undone and all together just dreamy & romantic. Keeping in line with Pantone’s announcement of Rose Quartz and Serenity as the new colors of the year for 2016!

Michael McNett Photography

Michael McNett Photography