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Consider having an Unplugged Wedding in the Lehigh Valley

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

Photo by Michael McNett Photography

Why have an Unplugged Wedding

Technology, can be a good thing, but it certainly has its negative side too, even in the Wedding Industry. Maybe having an Unplugged Wedding is the best thing for couples to implement for their wedding day. At an unplugged wedding guests are not allowed to use their phones for photography.

I see it all too often, a guest takes out their cell phone to get a picture of a “big moment”, only to block the picture that the “professional photographer” is taking; the couple is about to cut the cake, and the guest jumps in between the couple and the professional to take a shot!  Talk about rude!  Another thing that upsets me, is when you see all the guests at a table, looking at their cell phone, instead of enjoying the couple’s first dance, cutting of the cake or even the parent’s dance!   What about the couple doing their first look and well-meaning bridal attendants, feel compelled to put pictures on social media, before the bride and groom are even married. One of my present clients voiced this concern “A friend of mine asked everyone to keep their phones put away during the ceremony to keep people from blocking the photographers’ shots, I would agree that this is a big concern of mine“.

It is a known fact that most churches are fairly dark.  In these situations professional photographers have invested significant amounts of money to capture images in darker conditions with high quality results.  LCD screen cameras like phones and iPad’s have very unsophisticated lenses and sensors, that cannot come close to anything the pros would shoot; but those high end cameras, in trying to capture a low light condition like in a church, will without a doubt make those little screens light up like a Christmas tree. It’s much better to let the pros get that really good shot and to share it with friends and family, than to end up with a bunch of poor shots.  The best way to enjoy a wedding is to enjoy it and then enjoy the pro’s images afterward.

Couples, it’s time to say enough is enough and to have an “unplugged wedding”! This will really allow your guests to be involved in all aspects of your wedding day!

Here are some ideas you may want to implement at your wedding, so that these things don’t happen to you.

  1. Inform your attendants, that no one is to take pictures, if they are there for the first look, or if they take pictures to please not post until after the ceremony!
  2. Put a note in your bulletin, asking everyone to turn off the ringers on their phone and to refrain from taking pictures at the wedding, that’s why you hired a professional photographer.
  3. Put a note in your bulletin to refrain from taking pictures with a flash.
  4. Ask your officiant to make an announcement to guests that they are to enjoy themselves and not take pictures.
  5. Put cards on the reception tables asking guests to please make sure that they are not restricting the photographer from doing his job.
  6. OffBeat Bride has some ways to word what you want to say, which will make it easier. They even suggest having someone from the bridal party enforce the no cell phone pictures and how to approach it.