Wedding Gift Registry

8 Tips To Make It Easier For You

Keep in mind that gift giving by friends and family started, because they wanted to help the newlyweds, stock their home. The tips below are just a guideline for you to use when registering or asking for gifts.

1. Sooner than later – Even though you’ve only been engaged for a short time, there is no reason you can’t start registering for your gifts now. Decide where you want register and try to limit yourself to (2) gift registries. Department stores or Home stores are a great choice to start. Macy’s offers a Registry Guide, to direct you. Bed Bath and Beyond, also has an online gift registry .

2. Spend some quality time together – Quality time together is a great thing, especially when you are trying to set up your new home. Have fun and make a day of it!

3. Register for what you want – You can register for any type of items. In the distant past, you always ordered your china or silverware…today you can register for anything, including cleaning items, etc. Anything you will need for your new home, you can ask for, be it appliances, TVs, it’s totally open today.

4. Return policies – Check to see what the return policies are for the different registries, in the event you receive multiple numbers of the same item. Make sure there aren’t any time restrictions and if so, make sure you remember to return those items as soon as you can

5. Different prices – Make sure that you pick items in every price category. Try to register for items that are low-priced, medium priced and highly priced, since not everyone can afford high price ticketed items and you don’t want to lay a guilt trip on them for that reason.

6. Keep your registry updated – make sure that the registry updates, as you receive gifts and those items are stated as purchased. If not, find out if you have the ability to make changes, if you do receive gifts early, you can update the registry.

7. Not just gifts – Most registries allow you to ask for gift cards on your registry too. This is a great idea, that way after the wedding you can go out and get the items you still need. We know that cash is a great gift, but is in very bad taste to ask for as a gift, the gift card is the next best thing.

8. Thank your friends – Don’t forget to let your friends know that you received their gift within a few days of receipt. Also your thank you notes need to be written and mailed within 2 weeks of the wedding. Yes, it’s easier to do one’s that are pre-printed, but much more appreciated and cherished, if they are handwritten and personalized by mentioning the gift you received!

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